About Us

Who we are:
The Asian American Cultural Center (AACC), which was founded in 1999, supports the University's core mission to foster an educational climate based upon diversity and inclusiveness. The Center showcases the contributions of Asians and Asian Americans, through a wide array of cultural presentations, exhibits, performances, demonstrations, lectures, seminars and meetings. It also provides a safe and supportive environment for all students and encourages academic excellence, leadership, and personal/professional development.

The AACC is currently staffed by 3 full-time professional staff and over 40 student employees including a graduate student, a group of undergraduate interns, and a team of work-study students. The Center’s staff and students work closely with over 60 Asian American student organizations and collaborate with various Rutgers academic units.  The AACC also collaborates with other cultural centers, student services, and administrative offices as well as community-based organizations to develop cultural programs, provide curriculum enrichment and other activities for the entire Rutgers community. The AACC aims to provide a supportive and attractive environment for all students while promoting academic excellence, leadership, and personal/professional development. 

Asian American students represent 25% percent of the Rutgers New Brunswick student body.  Acting as an informal home away from home for many undergraduate and graduate students, the AACC is a place where friendship, diversity, and unity bloom. The center provides students with a comfortable area to study, hold group meetings, host events, edit publications, and a place to socialize with friends. Students heavily utilize the Center throughout the academic year, as it reserved almost daily by student organizations. The existing facility offers:

  • conference room and multi-purpose room for student organizations and study groups;
  • lounge space;
  • extended hours for final exam weeks providing a quiet room and group study areas;
  • lending library of books and media;
  • storage space for student organizations;
  • a small kitchen and staging area for meals,  ADA compliant restrooms, and
  • RU Wireless Hotspot, multi-media equipment, and a photo copy machine.