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  • AACC Asian Oscars

    All student groups are welcome to attend the annual Asian Oscars Award Ceremony. Extraordinary students and organizations will receive awards for their contributions to Rutgers University and local communities.
  • Project Korea:

    Korean Student Association's annual culture showcase.
  • China Nite XX

    CSO's 20th annual fashion show, with the theme Beginnings. ChinaNite is a stage where students, designers, dancers, actors, and more can get together to create an amazing story that is not only interesting, but also appealing to its viewers.
  • Asian American Studies Learning Community Scholars Art Exhibition

    Students of the Asian American Studies Learning Community will be presenting their final projects.
  • 5th Annual Asian American Studies Undergraduate Symposium

    This symposium will provide a unique opportunity for undergraduate scholars conducting exciting research on topics related to Asians in the Americas and the Diaspora to share their projects with faculty, university administrators, other students, and members of the public.